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CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, also known as CBT, is an approach considered directive, focused on the patient's current problem, brings expressive results for the demand that the patient seeks to solve in therapy, in a shorter treatment time than usual for other treatments. conventional therapies.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, at its base, explains to us that what affect us emotionally are not the events and events that happen in our lives, but the way we interpret and deal with them, and that automatic thoughts considered negative, trigger feelings of frustration and failure.

Through the therapeutic process we will understand that it is possible to identify that these thoughts and when analyzing their own experiences, patients come to the conclusion of how these thoughts arise (how they were learned ), what he was doing when he had the automatic thought (what were the triggers for that thought to arise) and how it felt to have those thoughts.

As it is a shorter therapy, it is based on dealing with the issues and conflicts that the patient brings to the office at first: such as individual, family, professional  issues, among others.

It is a therapy that has several fields of action, and, throughout the therapeutic process, the most diverse issues that arise can be addressed. Some of the most common demands in the office are: anxiety, depression, stress, grief, family conflict, couple therapy, divorce, self-esteem, self-knowledge, self-control, psychiatric problems, among others.

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